Territorial.io – This Means WAR

Territorial io is really a new type of multiplayer games where nations are playing against each other and trying to conquer the territories. If you love playing strategy games, then you will definitely enjoy this game because it offers single player as well as multiplayer mode in addition to the really nice gameplay. So let me explain the basic rules of the game so you can achieve success in this game much faster. As for me, I would rather start with the single player mode, because there you play only against bots. Bot players are more weak so you can get the experience you need. At the beginning of the game the player controls a small territory and have to expand it. There are two ways to expand the territory – conquer the grey zone at the beginning of the game which is not controlled by any of players or attack the players near you. Keep in mind that attacking the enemies need human resources and during the attack your own territory can become an easy aim for enemies. Getting the grey zone is important but you should act very fast – other players will try to conquer it as fast as they can.

Why it is so important to expand your territory ? The answer is simple – the more territory you control, the more is your power. So, to get bigger and stronger you need large territory. Keep in mind that there are a lot of different maps in this game – some of them are just a part of region of the world, for example Europe, while others can represent the whole world. The bigger the map is, the more players can play together. One more thing about the game that I have to mention – the game continues until there is only one player left on the map so in the end you will have to either attack enemies or be swallowed by their attacks.

In the multiplayer mode you play on the map with real players and also bot players. At the beginning of the match you will have to vote for the map and then drop your starting point on the map. While choosing the perfect location, take a look on the enemies – the more enemies around, the more difficult it will be to achieve higher results. Territorial io is one of those games which don’t become boring because here you can sign acts with other players, create teams and so on. Now you can enjoy the full version of the game for free at our website.